Friday, September 18, 2009 – Video Interview with 2008 Biplane Winner Tom Aberle!

Video Interview with Race #62 "Phantom" Biplane Pilot Tom Aberle
Video Interview with Race #62 "Phantom" Biplane Pilot Tom Aberle

The talented crew for “Phantom” – the beautifully designed Biplane, Race #62, is analyzing one of the four cylinders for tomorrow’s race. The heat is on to beat his wining record last year of 251.975 mph and it looks like with some quick tinkering he’ll be ready to give it 100%.
Pilot Tom Aberle’s Biplane is a modified Mong Sport, which is his custom design.  Tom and his crew built this aircraft in seven months!  BTW, the flattering paint design was created by Leo Williams, who has also outfitted the entire crew with awesome tees for years.

Listen to the video for history of this fantastic aircraft. Thanks for the interview Tom!

Good Luck and Godspeed!
Kimberley West, WarBirdBabe


  1. Hi Kimberley, I’ve tried everything I can think of to get your interview of me to play and cannot do so. Can you give me a clue? Thanks nonetheless, I appreciate the photo anyway.

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