I can only explain my love for aviation and WWII aircraft as a biological predisposition passed down from my Father, M.W. Anderson, a Navy Jet Pilot, Architect, Artist and Musician, whom I never had the opportunity to meet.

My Contract work in the Aviation and Defense Industry is the closest I’ve come to flying jets.  My father’s love of the arts, architecture and music, I am proud to say I have inherited.

Defense Industry Contracts:
Project Management, Hubble Space Telescope Facility, Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale CA
Program Manager, Trident Missile Program Subcontractors, Kaiser, Hitco, FMI, GE, – United Technologies, Inc., San Jose CA
Design and Construction – Ramjet Rock Test Site Facility, United Technologies, Inc.
Design and Construction – Engineering, Corporate, HMX Mix Facilities, United Technologies, Inc.
Design and Construction – Singer-Link Black Projects, Sunnyvale, CA

Corporate Design and Construction:
Stanford Hospital
Sequoia Redwood Medical Center
24 Hour Fitness
Residential Real Estate Development
Stonestown Galleria Retail Shopping Center SF
Stonestown Medical-Dental
JMB Realty/Heitman

Rotary President, 2005 Centennial, Tri-Valley Pleasanton CA
International Service, Jalgoan Maharashtra, India


  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I was really happy to have met you at PC Solutions – you’re a fascinating person to talk to. Ok – if you get Microsoft Flight Simulator installed on your computer we are GOING to have to fly “multiplayer” some time. 😀

    The “family” style airplane I was referring to is called a:

    Stearman Hammond Y-1s – a really cute plane with a large window for the cockpit and a twin-boom tail.

    I hope we chat with each other more – I’m sure you’ve been told this but, you’re quite a “looker”, you know. (blush)

    I’m most happy to have met you.

    @};- (Always good to give fair lady a rose)


  2. Kimberley,

    Keep the passion alive!. I used to always look up at the sky and always dreamed of being a pilot. I flew a few time to Europe on family trips, and it was like a magic carpet ride. Back then, flying was an event and a romantic journey (while now, more like a cramped bus ride)…I love the smell of jet fuel, still do. So, eventually I became a pilot. The trip (flying) was then not so exciting (more work and concentration), but I still love planes. P-51, and the Spitfire my favorites….back then, it was pure stick and rudder (now, computer). Keep this blog going!!!!

    1. This trolling blogger is a regular at the Reno Air Races! The National Championship Air Races and Air Show are held each year in September in Reno Nevada. This year marks the 48th year of race flying with 9/11/01 being the only year the event was cancelled completely.

  3. Kim, I just read about what happened at the Reno Air Show – ARE YOU OK?????

    My prayers go with you and those at the show!


    1. Hello Joe – I’m ok but quite shaken like everyone else who witnessed the horrific accident. I’ll have the complete press conference available for viewing on Monday the 19th as well as many non-accident photographs from very talented photographers and myself. Thanks for your prayers – every one of them is needed. 🙂

  4. Hi Kim,

    I’m very VERY happy you’re ok! I imagined you were probably in the reserved section, where the accident happened and suspected you might be hurt (or worse).

    Hope you don’t mind, but I even gave you a call just to check on you.

    I’m just happy you’re ok – very sad at what all happened, but happy that my “winged” friend is ok. Consider yourself given one huge hug.


  5. Hi Kimberley,
    Sorry to learn about the Reno Air Show accident. It must be a very personal loss to you and to all that are involved with the sport of Air Racing.
    May their life’s and memories live on through people like you.
    Mark Goodwin

    1. Hello Mark, Thanks for your message and good thoughts. Yes, it was overwhelming and truly a sad moment for all involved in the races. I am proud of the Reno Air Race Association for the exceptional integrity in which the horrific event was handled. I am preparing to post the photos and videos soon and hope to post them. Because you’re in the business, you’ll appreciate this – I am meeting with Ridgeline Entertainment to edit some very interesting videos with Bob Hoover and Heather Penney and discuss future projects. They are now located in Auburn. Please visit the WarBirdBabe site again and thank you for your kind words. All the best to you Mark.

  6. Kimberly,

    I haven’t forgotten about you, I am still going through the pictures. Haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it. Will send when done.

    1. Hello Mike, I hope you are well and planning to return to the races this year – So thrilled they are moving forward with this wonderful event. I would love to give you a photo gallery on the site and am hoping you’ve collected the best of 2011’s pictures. Looking forward to hearing from you – and better yet, seeing you at the races my friend!

  7. If you dont mind, where do you host your web page? I am searching for a good host and your site appears to be quick and up just about all the time

    1. Hello Augustine, thanks for visiting WarBirdBabe! Glad to hear that it’s operating as it should! It is hosted through WordPress and I am very pleased with the services they offer. WordPress has expanded the products and services offered and I too look forward to making some new and improved changes to the WarBirdBabe site. Although it’s been horribly difficult to post anything from the Races last year, I am now working on material to post that will include in depth interviews with Bob Hoover, Heather Penney and other exceptional pilots including many new photos. I’m sure you, and all the Reno Air Race fans are pleased the Races will be held this year – I hope you return to WarbirdBabe often and please send your comments and questions – we love to hear from all loyal race devotees. Thanks again and God’s Speed to you.

  8. Good afternoon, I don’t know if you’re still responding to messages but I work for a design company (Haley Sharpe Design) that is currently working with the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. I’ve sourced a photo from your blog and we’re hoping to include it within an exhibit. If you could contact me at the email address I’ve provided I would be delighted to provide you with the details of the exhibit and the image we’d like to use from your website. Thanks so much. Kind Regards, Orysia

    1. hello Orysia – I am responding to your photo request from a few years ago. I reached out to you however you were out on maternity leave – the person following up never contacted me. I’m wondering if you have any other exhibit design for the National Air and Space Museum that would benefit from an aviation photo of some type. I have a library of over 250,000 photos taken at the National Championship Air Races (Reno Air Races) over the last 10-15 years. I have several photos of folks from the magazine and the museum presenting trophies – if that’s something of interest.
      Hope to have reached you this time – would love to connect. Best regards, Kimberley West, WarBirdBabe, KimWestDesigner@gmail.com

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