Selected Reno Races 50th Anniversary Photos by Tatsuo “Ken” Sakurai

Here’s a quick Compilation of Awesome Photos by Ken Sakurai from the Reno Race’s 50th Anniversary.

Ken’s photos are always superb. Here are just a few incredibly clear shots taken at Reno last year, pictures of Unlimited Planes flying at speeds over 450 mph, the Patriot Jet Team, the Tribute to our WWII Vets in the Heritage Flight Formation (a P-51, P-40, F7F Tigercat and T-28), and a long-time race fan I call “Captain Happy Patch” and his furry best friend.

In addition to Ken’s always impressive photos, Breitling sponsored, and provided the up close pics, of the newest addition to the  Air Show Performers at the Reno Races.  He’s know as JetMan.  Ives Rossy is the designer, pilot and fabricator of his Jet Powered Carbon-Kevlar JetWing.  It’s outfitted with four small engines, each of which is capable of 22 kg of thrust- you’ll get a better idea of what he’s all about in a few of the pictures – amazing.   I’ll be posting a video or two of JetMan’s flights soon – these are spectacular, and I’ll provide a bit more information on this amazing pioneer in aviation as well.

Take care, good luck and God’s Speed~

Kimberley West, for WarBirdBabe

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