Q. In Reno, Nevada, what’s Wacky & Orange all Over? A. Section 3 of Course!

If you’ve been to Reno Air  Races, you know the biggest Fans are seated in Section 3 – Undoubtedly you’ve seen and heard the fashion forward fans wearing Orange!C14C2684

If you’ve yet to attend the races, first, you must put it on your calendar, and secondly, upon your arrival to the world’s fastest motor sport, look for the color orange in the Grand Stands – you can’t miss it!  They’re the largest congregation of friends sporting Orange Tee’s, having the most fun in the entire spectator audience!   …Section 3, an enigma of its own…?

Frat Boys
Some Section 3 Awesome Dudes

Well, mystery no more, all that wacky uniformed enthusiasm expressed in complete abandon and unconcealed joy, is an entire collection of friends!

Turns out there is a Founder of Section 3, (who knew) and, his name is Robert Lewis.  He’s a delightful man from Boise Idaho and religious attendee of the Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show for 34+ years. Robert lives and loves to entertain the Section 3 fans, and as can be seen, delivers every year!  All of these people are his friends!  Not kidding, …all of them!DSC_0584

When asked how Section 3 came into existence, Robert explained the serendipitous beginnings,  “It started along time ago when a few of us from the National Guard decided to take a road trip to Nevada to see this wild Air Racing with War Birds thing.” “We loved it so much and had such a great time that we returned the following four years. Then about thirty years ago I brought more friends and started section 3 and the group has grown every year since. What I love the most is seeing all my longtime friends, and the new friends we’ve made from around the world.  It’s a wonderful event I plan to never miss.”

Early Morning Section 3 Fans!
Early Morning Section 3 Fan

Here’s an interesting fact and technical detail I learned:  Section 3 created a complex numbering system whereby they communicate  utilizing a precision set of numbered cards. These cards when held up, above their heads for more emphasis, chest level for less, represents their precise emotions …at that very moment… It’s incredible.


Ok, …all kidding aside…the numbered precision cards are used to show their appreciation for all sorts of things.  Like a record breaking lap or course run, a pilot’s victory ride in the vintage fire truck, a beloved pilot, like Pilot John Penney for instance, who makes a point of Tagging Tees every year, or a favorite War Bird revving its big radial engine in front of the fans.  The list of things this group appreciates is endless and really fun to watch… and hear.

"Running with Chocks" Pilot John Penney, Race 77, Rare Bear
Race 77, Rare Bear      Pilot John Penney
Section 3 - Annual Reunion in Reno...
Section 3’s  34th Annual Reunion in Reno 2013

What I noticed most about Section 3  is that it breeds race excitement and enthusiasm – and it’ shared with everyone. What could be a purer testament of race fan loyalty?

So next time your’re at the races, check out the Orange Collection of friends in Section 3, you’ll be impressed – they come prepared to show the love…and are sure to  make you smile;)


Section 3, you  Rock!  I give you a 10….plus another 10… with both hands… really high above my head!!

Good Luck, Keep Growing and God’s Speed to Section 3!

Kimberley West for WarBirdBabe
DSC_7098 (2)e

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