Six Weeks and Counting Race Fans!

We’re almost at the starting Pylon for the Reno Races! Six more weeks to go!
Pilots have completed the Pylon Racing Seminar and are preparing their aircraft to fly with precision and speed. Race teams are communicating weekly, probably waiting for parts to arrive and planning their strategies to move up in the pack or continue their winning streak.

Fans are you ready for a Spectacular 2010 Air Race?!? I for one have been waiting anxiously for the last 11 months! A lot has happened this last year keeping our Blog lean – however, our favorite race event is almost here, excitement is building and there is much to share from last year’s race season.

For this 2010 Race year, we plan to bring more videos and interesting interviews to the site providing more behind the scenes workings of the race pilots, crews and the meticulously run logistics of the Reno Air Racing Association staff and associated participants.

Be sure to send your questions and requests to us early! We’ll do our best to get the interviews you want, the pictures you love and commentary from participants and the Living Legends we are blessed to have with us at the races!

All the best to our Pilots, Crews and Racing Association Staff for a terrific 2010 Race Season in Reno!

Good Luck and God’s Speed!
Kimberley West, WarBirdBabe

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  1. Would love to know who’s been racing in the Reno Air Races the longest & how many years they’ve been racing in the Reno Air Races. What keeps them coming back?

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