More September 13, 2011 Pics

T-6, Race 89, Baby Boomer - Photo by Michael Jennings



Hawker Sea Fury, Race 114, Argonaut


Hawker Sea Fury, Furias, Race 15


La Patrona, F7F Tigercat, Race 1


La Patrona Nose Art


P-51 Heritage Display



    1. Hello Richard!
      You’re correct – LaPatrona is the old F7F-3 Tigercat Big Bossman! Rod Lewis recently bought Big Bossman in a (sweet) package deal – if he wanted that beautiful Tigercat, he had to purchase two others – which he did. The remainder of the package deal included September Pops, Race 911 which isn’t here this year and September Fury, Race 232 which is here and sadly has blown the #1 cylinder and won’t fly the remainder of the races. I’ll be interviewing Pilot Hoot Gibson who really gave September Fury a fantastic qualification run at 467 mph on Monday. With the engine troubles of Race 232 this year, Hoot will be watching from the sidelines for a second year in a row.

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