Photo Gallery from Photog Jim Loveless

Pitts Special -1C
Jonny Rocket, Pitts S-1C, Biplane
Miss Min, Race 54, Cassutt
Pilot James Jordan, Race 54
Race 28, Sport Class
Race 28, Sport Class

Race 24 — High Performance Aircraft Training, Pilot Pete Zaccagnino

L-39, Race 24
L-39, Race 24

Pilots Heather Penney – Race 21, Raju Grace, L-21 & John Kokshoorn – Race 11, Screaming Eagle, L-29
Race 21 & Race 11
L-29 vs. L-29

L-29 Jet Class
L-29 Screaming Eagle, Race 11, Pilot John Kokshoorn


  1. Hi Jim,
    Some great shots, thankyou for sharing them.
    My local news paper in Australia intends to email you to see if they can use the shot of myself and
    Heather for a local story. it would be much appreciated if you can assist.

    Many thanks

    John Kokshoorn

    1. Hello John!! I’m John Kokshoorn from the Netherlands!! I’m 37 years old and you can see me on facebook or or Fun to see another John Kokshoorn on the world, i think you and me are the only ones with the same name. So when you come fly in holland, let me know and i come watch you fly. (belgium or germany can also) Greatings, John Kokshoorn.

  2. Hi,

    It’s Ben Dillaway from the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper in Australia. I’m writing an article on John Kokshoorn and was hoping you could put me in contact with Jim Loveless as we want to use one of his photographs for the story.


  3. Hi

    We are after any of photos of Australian pilot John Kokshoorn.

    I saw two on the blog ‘L-29 vs. L-29’ and ‘L-29 Screaming Eagle, Race 11, Pilot John Kokshoorn’ which we would like to print in the paper. I believe Jim Loveless was the photographer. Do you have a contact for him so we seek permission to use them?


  4. Hi John Cleve from New Zealand!

    Here I’m a pilot as well and wanting to get into aerobatics. My grandad is your fathers’ brother… crazy!!!

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